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A great team and how to get there
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Peili PenPal Rita Murray tells about herself:

I’m a trainer, consultant and coach, love working in particular with international groups when I can really see the benefits from Peili! Next January I can celebrate my 20 years with Peili, so cake please Peili Consulting! 🙂

A great team

We don’t need to look very far to find a superb team: the Finnish World Champions team in ice hockey last spring.

18 mostly very young guys who had never played in world games suddenly are able to stun their audiences and media – not to mention those teams that lost to them: first the beloved enemy and neighbour Sweden, with experienced NHL stars, second the other neighbour, Russia and last in the finals Canada, a superpower of ice hockey with more championships than any other country.

What was their secret? What is the secret of any superb team whatever the area of their “business”?

Here is a list of factors that may have contributed to their phenomenal success:

  • The team had a coach who made sure that the conditions for success were available. (In this case it was Mr. Jukka Jalonen, the chief coach of the national team). And they had a splendid team leader, captain Marko Anttila.
  • The team had a common vision and passion to deliver it.
  • They were 100% committed.
  • They had a desire to improve and develop.
  • Everyone knew his role, task and responsibilities.
  • They had solid trust in each other.
  • Team members were willing to help others and let them shine.

One of players actually said that he could trust that the others would always help him succeed. When every single team member feels s/he can trust everybody else, then they really dare to take risks as well, knowing that they won’t be punished or let down. So obviously they knew each other well.

What was the secret of their leader, captain of the team Marko Anttila? When the chief Jukka Jalonen was asked about the team’s captain he said that he is a very empathetic guy. Perhaps not something you’d expect to hear of someone in such a competitive game like hockey?

Veli-Matti Savinainen who is one of the players,  said that “he is a gentle giant but can be tough too”. Another team player gives praise for his work morale that rubs on everybody else. “He is a great example to everybody. Works hard on ice as well as outside. It is great to see how he is leading the team.” “He is a father figure to the younger players”, says Sakari Manninen of the team. “He is a natural leader, a born captain”. He is also admired for his dedication to his wife and family.

Jukka Jalonen the chief coach told that Anttila is a born team player. Positive, encouraging and helpful and also now, a very good player. And he can handle tough situations and “stay on ice”. When Anttila was asked the secret of their success he said it with one word: “Faith”. And he obviously was able to keep that very much alive for his team.

How to get there?

When a group of players get together, they are not instantly a team. No more in sports than a group of professionals in business world. It takes time to become a team. Peili™ Group Profile can be a very useful tool in building a team. Showing not only how individuals are likely to act and communicate but it gives a pretty clear picture of the strengths and possible weaknesses of the team. It can smooth the teaming process and also show each individual how to make the best of her/his personal working and communication style and how to avoid possible pitholes.

John Mather, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, has said: ”I’m convinced that half of project cost is socially determined”. I’m sure that applies to any group or team working together!





















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